This Week in Music: April 21-25

We have been exploring form and improvisation in our Grade 3 and 4 classes this week and looking at how to structure improvisation and form using our names as a basis:

Ex. John Smith    John Smith   Sara MacDonald   John Smith = AABA form

The students have been improvising body percussion to the rhythm of their names and creating compositions with their friends. We are also working toward a class composition in Grade 4 using melodic instruments.


This Week in Music: March 31-April 4

This week was “Spotlight on Specials” in Grade 2,3 and 4. It was fantastic to have parents joining in on Music class and seeing what we do in class. I encourage you to drop by anytime to watch and discuss what is happening in Music at ISM.

In Kindergarten we have been exploring steady beat, repetition and form using the book “Jump, Frog, Jump” as we lead into our new unit on composition. We also have been learning new cumulative songs (songs where you continue adding parts) such as “When I Was One” where the students can create new parts and add their own ideas (ex. When I Was Two I….Tied My Shoe).



International Day Concerts – Grade 3


“Shalom Chaverim”


Ms. Yamanaka – “Hotaru Koi”


Mr. Quinlan – “Simon”


Mr. Quinlan – “Simon”


Ms. Zulberti –     “Good, Better, Best”


Ms. Zulberti –     “Good, Better, Best”


Ms. Wislang –   German Folk Dan


Ms. Costa-Garcia – German Folk Dance


German Folk Dance


Ms. Wislang –   German Folk Dance